photo by Eniko Perhacs

All truths are easy to understand
once they are discovered;
the point is to discover them.


A cleaner system is able to assimilate nutrients and maintain a state of equilibrium. The result is a rejuvenated body, mind and spirit with ample reserves of energy, and where life and love literally pour through us. The prescription is simple: Remove toxins in a systematic fashion so the body is clear enough to function from its own wisdom.

I meet clients wherever they are on the health spectrum and successfully
guide them toward their goals, utilizing transitional food + lifestyle plans.

The PANTRY CURE is one session that is easily customized.

ELEVATE is a foundational program, which also can be customized to fit anyone’s needs. It is recommended to those who desire having an abundantly healthy life. Support is given throughout so that clients easily and effectively implement these rebalancing
lifestyle changes.


WHAT :: I will be your kitchen maven and CURE(ate) your pantry, sharing all of my nutrition knowledge along the way…
Together we will create a kitchen filled with the most magical, delectable + nutritious ingredients including a CURE(ate)d SHOPPING LIST.

WHY :: Beyond the obvious, there are many hidden, unnatural ingredients that people are using and don’t even realize it. Honey is a perfect example. Most honey on the market is glorified sugar, however consumers have been led to believe that it’s a healthier option. RAW honey in fact is a real natural sweetener, containing a high amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, making this version of honey the healthier choice.

HOW :: I arrive at your doorstep. I “cure” your pantry. With my guidance, it all happens. You are clear, organized and confident knowing that the health of yourself and your family has just been upgraded for good.

EXTRAS INCLUDED :: I provide “HOW-TO” GUIDES, TIME SAVER + WELLNESS TIPS + KITCHEN APPLIANCES LISTS + TESTED RECIPES so you know how to use your new ingredients and maximize the nutritional benefits of what you are eating.

ELEVATE is my introductory EIGHT-session program designed to transition
clients towards ultimate health, which is also used to maximize
current states of wellness.
It is a true holistic program based on the physical, emotional, and spiritual
aspects of one’s life
, creating sustainable and radiant health for the client.
The basic (but not comprehensive) outline for The ELEVATE Program is as

Initial Phone Assessment (30 Minutes)
This is a complimentary service incorporated into the EVEVATE Program and
takes place before commencement of any sessions. At this stage, your
health history is thoroughly reviewed by me before we speak, your transition level is assessed, and goals/health concerns will be reviewed.

Session One: Learn The Basics About How and What and When to Eat, Food Plan, Tips and Resources are provided after session.
Session Two: Review of Session 1 Concepts, Progress and Answering Questions.
Session Three: Health Food Store Tour at Westerly Market (10% off the first shop with me)
Session Four: In-Home Food / Juice+Smoothie Prep, General Time Savers Tips
Session Five: Self-Nourishing Practices
Session Six: Acid Alkaline Balance (The Source of Health), Ways on How
to Achieve Alkalinity + Practical Implementation
Session Seven:  Food Myths
Session Eight: DINING OUT + TRAVEL TIPS Tips /Useful Resource Lists

ELEVATE Customized
This program is for the individual who has specific needs and/or requests, or for the individual who is dealing with a more serious health imbalance.



ELEVATE Customized Cleansing Plans 

The words ‘cleanse’ and ‘detox’ have become quite popularized. The truth is we want to be in a space where we are allowing old toxins to leave, while keeping new toxic build-up to a minimum, as a way of LIFE. Ideally, this becomes as natural to us as breathing.

To kick-start the process, I create cleansing plans for the client to organize or curate specialized cleansing plans (using resources like Juice Press in NYC or working in tandem with chefs) always tailored to each individual, intelligently. Think of cleansing in terms of REFRESHING the system. Depending on the person and their requirements, cleansing plans may consist of whole food + liquid options to all-liquid options (for example : elixirs, coconut water, juices, smoothies, nut milks, soups).

I’ve personally engaged in countless cleansing plans, have a deep understanding of what it requires, and therefore capable in providing ample structure + support along the way.

Additional Services

“Farm to Table” Market Tour + Meal Creation
Simple seasonal meals prepared in your home. We will take a trip to the farmer’s market together and I will guide you through the produce stands, we will meet the farmers, buy the ingredients, and go back to your kitchen to create the most amazingly fresh and incredible dishes.

Corporate Services
As a wellness + cleansing advisor for companies, some of my corporate services include :

  • Creation/implementation of healthy meal + cleansing programs for employees
  • Menu planning for corporate events
  • Updating in-house company kitchens – ingredients, snacks, appliances
  • General Nutrition + Wellness guidance for employees – easy tips to incorporate throughout the day
  • Plant-based counsel + food plans – for those who want to learn how to transition easily to a more plant-based diet
  • Wellness blog contributor/ health + healing, juicing, cleansing