photo by Eniko Perhacs

All truths are easy to understand
once they are discovered;
the point is to discover them.


Radiant health and renewed energy can be achieved. The prescription is
simple: Remove toxins in a systematic fashion so the body is clear enough
to function from its own wisdom. A clean system is able to fully assimilate
nutrients and maintain a state of equilibrium. The result is a rejuvenated
body with reserves of energy, where life and love literally pour through us.
I meet clients wherever they are on the health spectrum and successfully
guide them toward their goals.

The Alive Program is a foundational program. It is recommended to those
individuals who desire having an abundantly healthy life. Support is given
so that clients can easily and effectively implement these rebalancing
lifestyle changes. Each session is one hour. It is recommended that the first
four sessions are completed within the initial month (meeting once a week)
so that clients have a solid base for the following sessions, which are distributed
over the remaining four months.
Meeting weekly throughout the entire program is an additional way for the
program to be structured.
The process is invigorating. Clients see and feel results.


WHAT :: I will be your kitchen fairy and CURE(ate) your pantry, sharing all of my nutrition knowledge along the way…
Together we will create a kitchen filled with the most magical, delectable + nutritious ingredients including a CURE(ate)d SHOPPING LIST.

Added bonus: I am a natural born organizer so your pantry will look
even better by the time we are done.

WHY :: Beyond the obvious, there are many hidden, unnatural ingredients that people are using and don’t even realize it. Honey is a perfect example. Most honey on the market is glorified sugar, however consumers have been led to believe that it’s a healthier option. RAW honey in fact is a real natural sweetener, containing a high amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, making this version of honey the healthier choice.

HOW :: I arrive at your doorstep. I “cure” your pantry. With my guidance, it all happens. You are clear, organized and confident knowing that the health of yourself and your family has just been upgraded for good.

EXTRAS INCLUDED :: I will provide “HOW-TO” GUIDES, TIME SAVER + WELLNESS TIPS + RECIPES so you know how to use your new ingredients and maximize the nutritional benefits of what you are eating.

ALIVE is my introductory twelve-session program designed to transition
clients towards ultimate health, which can also be used to maximize
current states of wellness.
It is a true holistic program based on the physical, emotional, and spiritual
aspects of one’s life
, creating sustainable and radiant health for the client.
The basic (but not comprehensive) outline for The ALIVE Program is as

Initial Consultation (30 Minutes)
This is a complimentary service incorporated in the ALIVE Program and
takes place before commencing any program sessions. At this stage, your
health history will be thoroughly reviewed, transition level assessed, and goals/
health concerns will be addressed.

Session One: Welcome, Review Health Goals, Learn The Truth About
How to Eat Food, Primary vs. Secondary Foods
Session Two: CURE(ate) The Pantry
Session Three: Health Food Store Tour at Westerly Market (10% off the first shop with me)
Session Four: Simple Food or Fresh Juice Prep in your home, General
Time Savers tips
Session Five: Food Combining and Common Sense Eating
Session Six: Plant-based Foods (cooked+raw)+Fresh Juicing, The Importance of Transition
Session Seven: The Elimination Channels, Simple Detox Practices
Session Eight: Acid Alkaline Balance, The Source of Health, Ways on How
to Achieve Alkalinity
Session Nine: Acid Alkaline Balance, Part Two, Practical Implementation
Session Ten: The Top Food Myths
Session Eleven: Valuable Tips (Dining Out, Travel) and Useful Resource Lists
Session Twelve: Reconnect and Completion of Program

ALIVE. Customized.
This program is for the individual who has very specific wants, desires,
requests, and wishes, or for the individual who is dealing with a more
serious health imbalance. It is a continuation of the Alive Foundational
Program. Fees provided upon request.

Detailed Session Descriptions

Health Food Store Tour (Session Three)
With a variety of options and deceptive labeling, the health food store can become a daunting venture. It has become increasingly difficult to discern between the healthy and unwholesome products due to hidden ingredients and misinformation. I will personally accompany you on a grocery tour so that you become competent at making your own optimal food choices. My guided health store tours also include a shopping list, which include my favorite brands.

Juicing Lesson (Session Four)
I whole-heartedly believe juicing is an important aspect in the creation of optimal health, and I understand that to a beginner this can be quite a daunting dietary adjustment. During our juicing lesson, I meet with you in your home and we juice together. I will answer all of your juicing questions including why, what, and how to juice and give you some of my favorite juicing recipes as well as my favorite juicer recommendations for purchase.

Plant-based Counsel (Session Six)
A specialist in plant-based cuisine, I’ll help demystify the seemingly complex world of raw + plant-based food. Does raw always mean healthy? Not necessarily. Where will I get my protein from? I will explain the possible pitfalls and describe the ways one can incorporate these foods in a balanced and beneficial way.

ALIVE Customized Cleansing Protocol (either within the program or on its own)
The words ‘cleanse’ and ‘detox’ have become quite popularized. The truth is we want to be in a space where we are allowing old toxins to leave, while keeping new toxic build-up to a minimum, as a way of LIFE. Ideally, this becomes as natural to us as breathing. To kick-start the process I create food / liquid or all-liquid-based cleansing protocols tailored to each individual, intelligently, and as needed. Think of cleansing in terms of ELEVATION. I have done countless ‘focused’ cleanses personally, have a deep understanding of what detoxification requires, and therefore capable in providing ample support along your journey towards rejuvenation + balance.

Additional Services

“Farm to Table” Market Tour and Meal Creation
Simple seasonal meals prepared in your home. We will take a trip to the farmer’s market together and I will guide you through the produce stands, we will meet the farmers, buy the ingredients, and go back to your kitchen
to create the most amazingly fresh and scrumptious dishes. You will not believe how divinely delicious kale can be!

*Farmer’s Market tours are also available as a single service accompanied by seasonal menus and recipes for you to create on your own.

Corporate Services
Healthy employees function and perform more efficiently. Healthy employees are happier and will therefore also create an improved work environment, which will inevitably allow for more productive and lucrative company earnings. As a cleansing advisor for your company, I will devise and help implement detox programs for your employees.
Some of my corporate services include:

  • Menu planning for corporate events, in-house company kitchens
  • Create/ write web content on health and healing, juicing, cleansing
  • Plant-based food plan Counsel
  • Nutrition guidance for employees